The most important requirement of a potential deployment site is obstacle-free line-of-sight connectivity to adjacent WIBACK Node locations. The maximum distance between neighbouring sites is 20 (30) km. Hence, often a mast/pole on a roof-top is essential. Such a mast/pole must hold about 3kg of weight (WiBACK Node and antennas and must be able to support wind-load depending on the local wind conditions. Please note, if multiple WiBACK Nodes are used jointly as a WiBACK Clustered Node, these values increase accordingly. Furthermore, lightning protection and ESD should be considered and ideally a stable power supply should be available. The typical consumption of a WiBACK Node-2-Connect or WiBACK Node-2-Connect-II is between 5 and 15Watt. If no stable power supply is available alternative power sources, such as solar, can be used.