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WiBACK is the result several EU and national research projects. Each project results in improved performance, flexibility and affordability of our wireless connectivity solution.



Node-2 Connect II

The second generation of WiBACK repeater nodes can optionally be powered with solar-energy. Equipped with two 5GHz radio interfaces, our unique DFS feature and self optimizing solutions ensures no interference with other networks.

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Node 4 Connect

N4C (Node 4 Connect) is similar to the Node 2 but more powerful and equipped with 4 radios. This easily helps you create redundant links and flexibility with network topology. The type of radios and operating frequencies can configured upon request.

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LoRaWAN Node

Our novel IoT wireless backhaul solution to connect sensors up to 20km away to an integrated LoRaWAN gateway. This multi-radio, multi-protocol solutions can be seamlessly integrated to your existing network and is easily scalable.


WiBACK Controller

A WiBACK network consists of two different types of devices: a WiBACK controller and any number of WiBACK nodes (outdoor repeater nodes). It configures, optimises and monitors the WiBACK nodes and wireless links. Depending on the size of the network and the requirements, different types of WiBACK Controller and WiBACK Nodes can be used.


WiBACK Controller-S is a portable miniature controller which can manage up to 100sites. We also have a cloud-based virtual appliance (Controller-V) which runs on a KVM hypervisor for cloud based services or in virtualized environments. For very large projects, our WiBACK Controller-R is the 19” rack version of our Controller.

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